Interviewing A Cataract Patient

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Today, we are interviewing a cataract patient who underwent Cataract surgery to learn more about the crystalline lens, the cataract operation, and the cataract postoperation.

The interviewee’s a significant person in our family, namely ‘My grandmother.’

My grandmother is an almost 88-year-old lady who had her second cataract operation a few days ago.

We wanted to ask her questions about the period before, during, and after her operation. This would give us some first-hand insights from a cataract patient directly into how this process of removing the lens through surgery is experienced.

Note: Not all procedures have similar outcomes; this is merely her experience.

12 Question Post Cataract Surgery Interview

La primera pregunta que nos gustaría hacerte es: 

How do you feel a few days after your second cataract surgery and having both lenses in each of your eyes replaced?

  • I feel a little weird now, but I feel fine.

How did you realize that you were not seeing well? What was it that alerted you that something was wrong with your eyesight?

  • The first thing I noticed was that I was seeing less. I could see things but couldn’t see them as clearly and sharply as before. It was blurry, and I was seeing less and less clearly.

How many times did you have to change the prescription of your glasses up to the time of the operation?

  • Since cataracts started, it was several years before I had surgery, and I had to have my vision corrected twice.

Before the operation, did you really know what the cataract operation consisted of?

  • The only thing I knew was that they had removed your grandfather’s cataracts, and then they had to clean the lens, but I didn’t know what they would do to me.

Once in the operating room, what was the process like? Did you notice anything in your eyes?

  • With the first eye, I didn’t notice anything. They put some lights on me, and I didn’t notice anything. With the second eye, it was different. 
  • They had to prick me and put a lot of eye drops and liquids and put a kind of goggles with some small holes afterward. In my case, they were two very different operations.
  • During the operation itself, you don’t feel anything, just a lot of liquid. Still, you don’t feel pain during the procedure.
  • Afterward, my eye was swollen, and later I felt pain, especially around the eye, when I tried to touch it.

And once the first lens was removed, how was your vision? How many days did the blurriness last? When did you start seeing better after the cataract surgery?

  • I had blurry vision for a week, and from then on, I started to see better.

When it was time to sleep, were you uncomfortable with not being able to turn to that side and rubbing against the sheets?

  • The truth is that it didn’t bother me at all when I slept. What bothered me the most were the drops. They burn, and you feel discomfort.

Would you say that your first postoperative period was hard?

  • The first postoperative period was not hard, and I did not notice anything. Apparently, the cataract was very small.

How do you feel now, a few days after the second cataract surgery and having both lenses in each of your eyes replaced?

  • I feel a little weird now, but I feel fine.

How long did it take from your first cataract surgery to your second?

  • My first cataract surgery to the second one was 2 months.
  • This second time, it was more complicated than the first one since it was more challenging to remove the lens.

How do you think this second postoperative period is going now that several days have passed?

  • It is very good now. I don’t feel anything. However, the first few days were more uncomfortable, especially when it was time to put the drops in.

How do you feel about not having to wear glasses after so many years?

  • At the moment, I am watching TV, and I see fine. From a distance, I can see well. Still, if I have to enter, for example, the credit card numbers when paying at the supermarket, I notice that I need glasses. I can see well from a distance but not so well up close.
  • I don’t wear glasses for now, and a month after the operation, I will have a check-up to know what my diopters are.

How do you feel about not having to wear glasses after so many years?

  • Well, I feel strange, and I look very strange after wearing glasses for so many years. But I feel great. When I wash my face, I look at myself, and I think, ‘These are not my eyes,’ you’ll see when I can put on makeup!

This is the story of my grandmother, who, at almost 88 years old, has undergone cataract surgery in the past few days.

And for this reason, we are very grateful to her for having participated in this short interview so that other people in this situation can learn about her experience and know a little more about this process.

And as she says, encouraging all those who have to go through this same experience: Do not be afraid, it does not hurt, it only bothers a little.

We hope my grandmother’s experience has clarified some doubts and fears regarding cataract surgery.