About us

Who are we? and why 'MiMundoVisual.com'?

The Mi Mundo Visual project was born with the idea to create a meeting place where other parents can find helpful information about Amblyopia or Lazy Eye.

Like many other families, one day, we visited the ophthalmologist for the first time, and our daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia.


Despite knowing firsthand what it’s like to have to wear a patched eye to school, I had forgotten what it’s like to suffer from Lazy Eye and what it meant.

For that reason, we started collecting information about Amblyopia from different doctors and eye care professionals: What is Amblyopia, what causes a Lazy Eye, and what are its consequences.

We have been expanding on this information since 2019 through studies and research that we found on the web.

As we researched, we realized more and more that the information we received did not satisfy our desire to learn more about Amblyopia.

Despite 2 to 4% of the population suffering from Amblyopia, it is not given the importance it should be in terms of prevention, information about possible treatments, and how families have to deal with this. 

Most of all, we understood that our daughter needed much more guidance. We figured that we weren’t the only ones with more questions than answers.

As we got deeper into the world of Amblyopia, more questions arose about the treatment of Lazy Eye.

Therefore, we decided to give life to this project, Mi Mundo Visual – My Visual World – A resource where you can find information about Amblyopia – Lazy Eye.

‘Amblyopia’: explained through the eyes of an adult with Amblyopia.

The intention is to facilitate knowledge about Amblyopia or Lazy Eye to families in the same situation.

Finally, we are not doctors or health professionals and are not a substitute for them. The first and most crucial step is to visit the eye doctor who can guide us to treat our case as they consider most appropriate.