Amblyopia In Children

Amblyopia In Children

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Take care of your vision

The best attack is a good defence, prepare your visit to the vision specialist well, in Mi Mundo Visual we show you how to do it.

Tips for Parents

Tips to deal with the Eye Patch

As parents, we know what an eye patch can do to our children’s lives. So here are some resources with helpful tips for dealing with children’s eye patches.

Vision Therapy for Children

Eye Patch Therapy

What exactly is the eye patch treatment for in amblyopia? At Mi Mundo Visual we tell you all about it!

Exercises in Vision Therapy

At Mi Mundo Visual we gathered exercises and resources that we have created especially for you. Discover all our actionable PDF’s that you can practice at home!

Introduction To New Technologies

Did you know that there are new technologies that can be used to treat lazy eye in children? Select the one that most interests you:


In Mi Mundo Visual we have compiled a series of additional resources that can be useful to expand our information about lazy eye or amblyopia.