How To Remove An Eye Patch Without Pain?

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This article will teach you how to remove the eye patch without pain. We share tricks to help you remove the eye patch. Show you how to remove the glue from the eye patch, and we will note some tips to avoid skin irritation after removing the patch.

Removing the eye patch can be an ordeal due to the discomfort of removing the glue from the eye patch. We have had to learn this the hard way. However, we will shorten your learning curve today and discuss some tricks to help you remove the eye patch of your child.

How to remove an eye patch without pain?

Our first piece of advice is to avoid issues by choosing the right brand of eye patches. We have personally experienced noticeable differences between eye patch brands. Some were horrible to remove, while others were much easier.

The eye patch we select must be high-quality, and the adhesive part must be skin-friendly. We should also purchase the right size so that it fits properly.

Try choosing an eyepatch that doesn’t cause irritation or pain when removed.

However, even if you find good quality eye patches that you can remove easily, you will find that daily usage of adhesive eyepatches can still cause problems.

Remember that for your child, the patch’s appearance is vital! There is a great variety of models, patterns, colors, and motifs. Choosing an eye patch your child finds fun will help to motivate your child to wear it.

Let’s start from the premise that comfort and appearance are the two main characteristics we must find in the patch we select.

However, sometimes we find some patches that cause children to suffer when removing the patch, and it is nearly impossible to remove the patch from the eye without pain.

Tips for Eye Patch Removal

  • Wet the adhesive side with warm water before removing the eye patch slowly.
  • One option is to allow the child to take a long bath with the patch on while playing in the bathtub. This will be easier to remove the patch without pain.
  • With the help of a bit of soft cotton, apply a generous amount of baby oil around the patch. Now leave it on for a few minutes before gently removing the patch without further complications.
  • Trim part of the adhesive area to avoid pulling out any eyebrow hairs when removing the patch. This also reduces the area of the eyepatch with glue on it.
  • We have found that you can trim a decent amount of the sides of the eyepatch, and it will still adhere properly to your child’s skin. This makes removal so much easier!

How to remove eye patch glue remaining on the skin?

  • Before putting the patch on the eye, we stick the eye patch on the palm of our hands first and then stick it on our child’s face. This way, we will remove part of the stickiness of the glue while leaving it strong enough to stay adhered.
  • Remove the glue from the face with a cotton ball and olive oil or baby oil.

Tips To Avoid Skin Irritation After Eye Patch Removal

  • Try different eye patch brands to see which best suits your eye and skin. You can find different types of patches here.

  • Do not leave the patch on overnight while the child sleeps.

  • Do not pull the patch off the eye.

  • Use a sponge, washcloth, or absorbent cotton soaked in warm water, oil, or milk of magnesia to help remove the patch.

  • Apply a layer of milk of magnesia and let it dry on the area of the skin where the patch will adhere. This will allow the skin to be extra protected.

  • Place a gauze pad on the area of the skin where it is irritated to prevent it from being irritated again when the patch is removed.

  • Before bed, apply ointment to the irritated area to soothe the skin and stimulate healing during the night.

  • Vary the position or size of the patch to change the area of the skin where the patch adheres.

  • Trim the adhesive side of the patch before sticking it onto the eye.